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About Thrive

The Thrive Foundation for Youth was founded in 2000 by Silicon Valley investor Bob King and his wife Dottie. Along with Bob and Dottie, their three children and their children’s spouses were the founding trustees: Jennifer King and Tim Fredel, Cynthia King-Guffey and Allan Guffey, Brad King and Pam Ebstyne King. Cynthia served as the Foundation’s first Executive Director.

The Thrive Foundation for Youth supports young people during pivotal years of their lives – ages 10 to 18 – in reaching their full potential. Thrive believes in the combined power of applied research and on-the-ground practice to make tangible differences in the lives of young people. Our scientific research is dedicated to answering the question: “What helps a young person to thrive?” Our active partnerships with youth-serving organizations are dedicated to putting that knowledge into practice, and to changing as many lives as possible throughout the country.

We believe that thriving is unique to each individual, that each young person, regardless of circumstances, has the potential to thrive with the support of competent, caring adults in their lives.

For that reason we dedicate our resources to helping disadvantaged young people who may not have these adults consistently in their lives, or the adults may need help to better support the youth in their care. Our youth-serving partners work on the ground with young people throughout the country. Their knowledge and experience guides our investment strategy and our collaborative approach with our grantees.




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