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In this interview, Peter Samuelson, Thrive Foundation for Youth’s Director of Research speaks with David Yaeger, Director of the Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development at Tufts University on growth mindset. Peter: Research has demonstrated that having a growth mindset is important for youth development. What is a growth mindset? How is it defined? […]

What’s a third family? Friends of the Children graduate Kevin Jones explains.   Share List

By Rob Waters In 2010, Jefferson High School, the only predominantly African-American high school in Portland, Oregon, was on the chopping block. The neighborhood it served had been through gang wars, drive-by shootings and gentrification. The school had been redesigned and reconstituted, broken into small schools and reunified in waves of top-down school-reform efforts. Yet […]

Watch the story of how Shavonnee supported Maria and Maria grew stronger at Girls Inc. Share List

In 2014, the Thrive Foundation, searched across the nation for organizations providing services to disadvantaged youth nationwide with a caring adult at the center of their program delivery model and found eight exemplary organizations. Led by Thrive’s Director of Research and Evaluation, Peter Samuelson, Ph.D., the foundation then embarked on an evaluation to see what they […]

Is Youth Radio a mentoring program, a media training ground—or both? Watch President Ellin O’Leary, Youth Radio Interactive’s Co-founder, Asha Richardson and Mentor Donta Jackson cover all that and more. Share List

By Rob Waters What’s one big thing that young people from middle class or wealthy families often have that smart, motivated kids from poor families and inner cities usually don’t? The answer—in addition to money—is connections, a social network that gives young people access to influential adults and entrée to places of mentoring and opportunity. […]

By Rob Waters I visited Chicago in January when it was very cold and two issues were dominating the local news. A stream of stories focused on police shootings of young black men in a city where 70 people—mostly black males—were fatally shot by police from 2010 through 2014. And the city’s school district, faced […]

By Rob Waters Anthony Ramirez-Di Vittorio—better known as Tony D—is a busy man. Every Thursday afternoon, he goes back to the high school he graduated from 30 years ago—Kelly High on Chicago’s southwest side—to teach jiu-jitsu. Later he drives to a residential treatment center to run a group session for a dozen boys. But his […]

By Rob Waters It’s a windy January afternoon in Denver and 35 students are piling into vans outside East High School, preparing for their weekly trip to elementary school. Inside the vehicles, R&B music mixes with teenage conversation. The vans pull up at Hallett Fundamental Academy and the students, all juniors and seniors, spill out […]

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