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By Peter Samuelson In 2014, the Thrive Foundation looked across the nation, combed the field of organizations providing services to disadvantaged youth, found eight organizations we considered exemplary and which we wanted to support. These organizations reflected the Foundation’s new mission: to guide disadvantaged youth to reach their full potential by strengthening the presence and […]

By Cynthia Benjamin Thrive’s Design and Learning Workshop in December was great fun – 15 high-impact youth-serving organizations getting to know one-another, peers sharing on-the ground insights, working together on Thrive’s innovation and evaluation projects, and out-of-towners experiencing stellar views, brilliant sunshine and pouring rain within hours of each other. Welcome to winter in San […]

In this interview, Peter Samuelson, Thrive Foundation for Youth’s Director of Research speaks with Rich Lerner, Director of the Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development at Tufts University on self-regulation, goal setting, and thriving. Peter: Rich, thank you for being with us today. We’re really excited to be talking to you. You have identified […]

By Rob Waters It’s a sunny October afternoon and Elmer Diaz and Marquis Jackson (not his real name) are cruising southeast Washington DC in Diaz’s Hyundai. Jackson, 24, plugs his phone into the car stereo and plays some recent mixes. Diaz, 31, listens, offering praise and advice. “You may need to switch things up a […]

Peter Samuelson, Thrive Foundation for Youth’s Director of Research speaks with Bill Damon, Professor of Education at Stanford University; Director of the Stanford Center on Adolescence. PETER SAMUELSON: Bill, you and Thrive have been partnering on purpose and researching purpose in youth. Can you tell me: What is purpose? BILL DAMON: Well, purpose is two […]

By Peter Samuelson Think about your own life as a teenager and your relationships with adults who weren’t your parents. Did an organization assign an adult to you who was then labeled your “mentor?” If you are like 85% of the youth today, that was not the case. Only 15% of youth have some kind […]

By Kelley Gulley I was telling my husband, Dominic, about a conference Thrive for Youth co-sponsored on “natural mentoring,” and the things we talked about. He was encouraged that researchers were recognizing its value because, “We just do what we do, Kell.” I, too, was struck at the conference listening to researchers describe a phenomenon […]

By Peter Samuelson We know from surveying youth, that they turn to adults to guide and mentor them, especially in adolescence. Sometimes these relationships are brokered by youth service organizations and are “formal” in nature. Sometimes, they are more accidental, or at least less formal, and arise out of naturally occurring relationships, such as within […]

By Rob Waters It’s not hard to spot the three-story brownstone where The Brotherhood/Sister Sol, a 20-year-old youth development organization, looks after and helps to raise some of the luckiest young people in Harlem. Walk by at the right time, shortly after New York City schools let out in the afternoon, and the place is […]

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