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Thank you for visiting the Grantseekers section of our website to learn more about the Thrive Foundation for Youth. We are pleased to provide information about our grant making focus, process and schedule.

Our Focus
Thrive has an entrepreneurial, innovation-oriented style, in which we work alongside our grantees to understand their challenges and triumphs in helping disadvantaged youth reach their full potential.  Our intent is to integrate experience, innovation, and research into a new process of working with grantees as experts in delivering programs that enhance and strengthen the connection between disadvantaged youth and caring adults.

Our initial, pilot cohort of grantees began their 2-year journey with us on November 1, 2014.  To learn about their work visit the Our Grantees section on our website where you will be introduced to 8 organizations that share the following characteristics which was the focus of our Fall 2014 pilot cohort:

    • Program Model:  They have paid staff as the primary caring adults working directly with youth.
    • Promising Practice:  They have demonstrated impact in the lives of disadvantaged youth.
    • Place:  They are located within the United States providing services locally or nationally.
    • Process:  They are in the midst of scaling or are planning to scale their programs to additional cities or communities.
Our Process
Thrive Foundation for Youth uses a “cohort” approach to funding for the purpose of creating rich and informative dialogue and work between grantee organizations that have similar program models, focus areas, practices or processes.  It is critically important to Thrive to bring together and support the integration of experience, innovation and research within and among organizations who are intentionally working to strengthen the connections and impact between caring adults and disadvantaged youth so that they may reach their full potential.  Given this cohort approach, our funding process to select 7-10 new grantees each year is implemented as follows:

    • 8-Step Process of Due Diligence to Identify Potential Grantees
      1. Determine area of cohort focus by conducting external listening and internal research.
      2. Develop list of potential grantees that align with determined cohort focus.
      3. Send invitations to potential grantees to submit a Letter of Interest (LOI).
      4. Conduct internal review of submitted LOI’s and pare down list for site visits.
      5. Coordinate and conduct comprehensive site visits with selected organizations.
      6. Conduct internal review of site visit results.
      7. Make recommendations to Board of Trustees.
      8. Award grants.
    • Length of Due Diligence Process:  8-9 Months.
    • Length of Funding Relationship:  2 years.
    • Process of Applying: By invitation only.
    • To be Invited to Submit an Application, Organizations Must:
        1. Be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
        2. Serve youth ages 10-18.
        3. Directly align with the annually determined cohort focus.
        4. Be an exemplary organization with a proven track record of positive results.
        5. Be located in the United States serving youth locally or nationally.
    • Thrive Generally Does Not Fund:
        1. Direct assistance to individuals, including tuition assistance.
        2. Conferences or one-time events.
        3. Capital projects.
        4. Organizations/programs located outside of the United States of America.
Our Schedule
Thrive initiates the first step of the due diligence process in the first quarter of the year when most of our outreach and internal research occurs.  In late Spring, Thrive issues the invitation only request for selected organizations to submit Letters of Interest (LOI) and uses the third quarter to process submissions as previously described. During the fourth quarter of the year, our primary focus is on-boarding our selected cohort of grantees, so we do not generally schedule exploratory meetings or conduct outreach during this time.


If you are interested in learning more about Thrive, we invite you to follow us on Twitter @Thrive4Youth, to LIKE us on Facebook, and to regularly check for updates on our website.  Also, please be sure to provide information about your organization through the Inquiries link on the sidebar of this page, so that we can add you to our list of organizations to be reviewed for future funding opportunities.

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